Magento 2 category home page not show products list

That is very odd why the products list not show in frontend, I tried to reindex of the site also clear the cache, the page doesn’t show any product in the home page.

After search some solution I find a way that can make products show in frotend.

You just need carefully checking with follow steps:

  • Cleared Cached
  • Re-indexed everything
  • Remove/Re-added products to the same category
  • Made sure the products are enabled
  • Made sure the items are in stock
  • Made sure the product visibility is set to “Catalog, Search”

The last one is very important that directly caused the issue.

I have made a tool that can quickly update all children products of the category. This one is only works in my website.
Or you can edit the value of visibility one by one in backend.
Or just use sql query update, the query like :

  1. UPDATE `catalog_product_entity_int` SET `value` = 4 WHERE `entity_id` = [product id] and `attribute_id` = [attribute id of visibility in you website]

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After all done, if still not work you must need reindex the catalog_product_category, and try again.